Lucky Star Skate Co.

Lucky Star Skate Co. was founded by Bree Cheatham in 2021. The company was created to offer safe Learn to Skate spaces for women 18 years and older. We bring knowledge and expereience to a place where women of all skating levels have a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to learn, play on skates, make new friends and have fun!

For most women learning to skate (at any age) it is a journey and adventure, it is a process for sure. If you have no skating expereience, the transformation will feel miraculous. And like everything magical, It is hard work at first, but if you keep at it and don’t give up, you will eventually feel like you are effortlessly flying…


Owner and Skate Coach, Bree Cheatham has over 40 years of skating experience including; figure skating, ice hockey, in-line street skating, roller derby and of course ALWAYS just for FUN! Come join us and let’s skate!!